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PDF full form | PDF Meaning

PDF is a commonly used term, and yet many of us do not know the pdf full form and meaning of pdf. It stands for Portable Document Format, which is a machine independent document format. The usage of PDF began in the early 1990s, and Adobe Systems developed and administered this document format that can be used to view documents as an electronic image. You may submit or view your documents regardless of any operating system or software application. There are many advantages to using PDF If you have clearly understood the full PDF form, then let's have a look at its benefits: Compress the files you need: You can easily compress your original files using PDF, and there will be no loss of data. Sharing PDF files will be faster than any other file formats. Secure All Your Documents: The full meaning of PDF is really when you learn that you can easily protect all your information and documents while sharing them as email or WhatsApp attachments. You can also limit user access w